Who We Are

Integrity, consistency, trust

Our focus has been on premium-quality printing, backed by superior service — and ideas — that will set your printing apart from all the rest. Based on our philosophy that providing extra capacity, quick turns, and meeting tight deadlines comes standard. And while we invest in superior technology to outperform our competition, you’ll find that we are competitively priced — and that we pride ourselves in providing a great value.

Our business is all about finding solutions for your messages, your visual creations, your ideas and challenges.

Like every responsible printing company in America, Shapco Printing Inc. is doing what we can to reduce our reliance on practices that degrade our planet. There is not a process, a procedure, or a product that escapes review as to its environmental impact. From the transformers bringing power in, to the drains and docks removing our refuse, Shapco Printing Inc. and the printing industry have made large strides. We encourage recycled stocks whenever practical. We also offer, at no added charge, wind-generated electricity for the power we need to produce your products.

What hasn’t changed in 40 years is the company’s commitment to its vision — that knowledgeable buyers understand the value of “quality.” It’s how we measure ourselves. When the product you purchase from Shapco Printing Inc. exceeds its goals and your expectations, we’ve done our job.

Thanks for considering Shapco Printing Inc.!