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What is Bleed and Safe Area

A bleed is printing that goes beyond where the page will be trimmed. If you have an image or artwork that will go to the edge of the page, you will want to extend it by 1/8" or .125". For example, for a 6” x 4” postcard with full bleed, the image size should be setup at 6.25” x 4.25”

The safe area is 1/8" or .125" from the trim or edge of the page. You will want to keep text and artwork that does not bleed off the page 1/8" or .125" from the trim or the edge of the page.

Image Resolution

Ideally your images should be 300ppi at the size you are going to use them. To your left is example of good resolution and poor resolution. You can see the loss of detail and quality in the image on the right. The resolution is to low and it was saved with a low quality setting. Image resolution is determined by the number of pixels across and down. In some cases, people may refer to image resolution as dpi (dots per inch), but it is really ppi (pixels per inch). Your camera or phone specifications will be rated as Megapixels, the total number of pixels that can be captured. For instance a 8 megapixel device can capture 8 million pixels, approximately 3000ppi across and 2700ppi down. A 8 megapixel device at the highest quality setting, captures enough resolution to be able to produce a 8"x10" image or slightly larger. Click here for a chart to see how large of an image you can print with your camera or phone. Image Resolution Chart

How to Export your PDF

Shapco has defined export settings for Adobe products.

• Download our PDF export settings, Click Here and double click to decompress the Zip file • Open Adobe InDesign and select Define from the File\Adobe PDF Presets menu • Click on Load and select the Shapco job options • Now export your PDF from any Adobe application using the Shapco job options

Booklets - Spiral Bound and Wiro

Your document should be setup as non facing pages and have bleed on all 4 sides. Content that is not going to bleed should be 1/2" from the trim on the right side of left hand pages and 1/2" on the left side of right hand pages.

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